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My Favorite Class is…? Your First Guess Doesn’t Count.

LK 1

This week I decided to do one of WoW Insider’s Community Blog Topics before the results post comes out. This particular topic asks, “What is your favorite class and spec?”

I’ll start by saying I have played every class in WoW. I like them all because I am an altaholic. I tend to prefer melee over ranged and DPS over tanks or healers.

shiki faire cropped
This is Shiki. She has some nice axes.

My favorite class by far is the Death Knight. The story of Arthas has fascinated me since Warcraft 3 and I still think it is one of the best stories in WoW. I love the tragedy behind the Death Knight story.

Originally I thought one of my characters would have to “die” when they hit level fifty-five in order for me to create a Death Knight. I leveled a Ret Paladin with this in mind. I was very happy to learn that I didn’t have to sacrifice my pally after all, but decided to keep the Paladin backstory for my DK.

The moment my Paladin dinged fifty-five I logged off and created my Death Knight. I already had her name planned out.

Fuyumi Ono wrote a light novel called Shiki that eventually became a manga and then an anime. It is a story about mostly vampires who descend on a small town and kill everyone. The vampires are called undead demons or shiki. I thought it was a very apt name for my Death Knight.

Shiki is still my main today.

DK 1
Shiki loves Pandaria because none of its people were harmed by her while she was the Lich King’s thrall. It is a place to start over. Of course it looks like it is getting trashed, so yeah….
DK 2
This is Ashe. I made her for grins and discovered how much I love being an evil gnome in the process.

I absolutely love the Death Knight starting area. It is awesome and fun and makes me laugh every time.

I enjoy the quests even if they are evil. I have fun reveling in it and killing as many Scarlet Crusaders as possible.

(All of my DKs keep extra crusader skulls as trophies in their banks.)

I love rescuing Koltira every time. (He really is a male damsel in distress!)

I love capturing a normal horse and causing it to be turned into my undead steed. I even like the quest on a giant frost wyrm which I suck at because it is a vehicle. My favorite part though is the very end.

I love the battle for Light’s Hope Chapel. I love the redemption at the end. I really like the idea of the Knights of the Ebon Blade joining the Argent Dawn to fight the Lich King. It all works for me story-wise.

DK 4
This is Raavynn my second main. Her name was picked so people in my new guild would know who I was.

I love the way Death Knights play. The runes combined with a “blue rage bar” make sense to me. It is intuitive in a way that few other classes are. The only playstyles that come close for me are Windwalker Monks and to a lesser degree Retribution Paladins.

The first time I saw a friend raise a ghoul, I clapped in glee. (I am a dork.) I couldn’t wait to learn that awesome spell myself!

DK 3
This is Raavyn. She looks grumpy because she is mainly a bank alt at the moment.

Death Grip has made me cackle happily from the very first day. It still makes me stupidly happy to use it.

Path of Frost is a spell I wish I had in real life. I enjoy using it to fish and to survive long drops. (I have it glyphed.)

I haven’t played Unholy main spec since Wrath, but I still like the gargoyle–worthless though it may be at times. I also like getting enough hits of Deathcoil in to change my ghoul into a big super freaky monster dude.

I love the visual effects of Bone Shield. I miss having it as an option as DPS.

My favorite spell is Army of the Dead. I absolutely love calling forth minions to fight for me. This spell is awesome and can save a wipe – granted it can also cause one if used unwisely.

DK 5
This is Ryannde. She is my sole Unholy DK.

As for my favorite spec, I started out playing Frost back in Wrath. I was terrible at it, but had fun nonetheless. I still miss Frost tanking.

In ICC I went Unholy because it had higher DPS. I thought the Wrath version of Unholy was a lot of fun to play. I haven’t really caught up to how it has changed in Cataclysm and Mists though so I can’t comment on it. I have one baby DK slowly leveling as Unholy so I can relearn how to play it.

My main spec has been Frost again since Cataclysm. I went back to Frost to level and stayed there because they ‘fixed it’ so it was decent for DPS. I have stayed Frost since then because I like it. I prefer the haste version and use a two-handed weapon. I have dual wielded before and I likely will again, just not at the moment.

DK header
Being a DK makes me happy. ^^

To sum up, I really love Death Knights!

They are fun to play and have interesting Lore. I like that they have two class specific mounts as well. Plus they come with their own badass instant transmog gear so you never have to look sloppy while leveling.

I could also say they make good tanks and soloers – and they do! – but mostly I love running around and bashing the crap out of stuff until it dies. Death Knights do this very well.

2 comments on “My Favorite Class is…? Your First Guess Doesn’t Count.

  1. I can’t rightly say which class/spec is my favorite. I see it more as a part of the character I roll (as you know, I’m a fellow altaholic). Rarely don’t point to Toon X and say, “I want to play him/her, because they’re a Mage/Boomkin/Retadin/etc”.

    If I absolutely had to pin it down, though, I think my favorite spec–and you can then appreciate why I’d easier to say I don’t have one, as it become non-existant at higher levels–is the shockadin (*jazz hands*!!).

    There are two toons that immediately come to mind, but both are bound by the character, which really defined their class and spec. One is Ragnaros, an Undead Destruction Warlock. Remember the phrase from The Dark Knight: “Some men just want to watch the world burn?” Yeah, that’s him. He was a serial killer before the fall of Lorderon. Becoming undead seemed like karmic justice–delighted that he (narrowly) avoided justice, but at odds that some of his victims (or would-be victims) are also undead. In short…this guy’s Evil Chaos crazy. And really fun to RP.

    The other is Krogammar (probably misspelled). He’s an old orc, a tired (Fury) Warrior, who, after fleeing from internment, wanted to see his life in retirement while building Orgrimmar. As friends he made while living low in Org started to raise arms and defend the Horde against incoming threats (such as the Lich King and Deathwing), he, too, dusted off his old armor (he’s a blacksmith), to use his old bones to help his friends.

    Then there’s also Aytropine and Zydolon. Zydolon thought she lost her family after the fall of Lorderon; raised by dwarves in IronForge as the few to survive the undead. Her anger fueled her dark arts; when her sister, Aytropine, appeared, Zydolon dismissed her as a phony and liar. (Aytropine survived–barely–by being abandoned outside the gates of Gilneas; she was taken in, raised on the streets, and eventually trained from the inside by an agent of SI:7. She still has her skills as an assassin (Rogue), but looks upon those skills with distain–almost as much as her lupine affliction. Whenever I play her, she spends as much time in human form as possible. She spent her time during Cata exploring ancient ruins, based on a rumor that there was a permanent cure to restore her humanity. Compare that with my would-be Worgen Death Knight, Audyn, who has embraced his feral side).

    Wow, a lot of words with very little said. Thanks for indulging me.


    • I think you said a lot!
      I also think it is interesting that your first answers are both Horde when most of your max level characters are Alliance. There are also two Locks in there and no gnomes!

      I didn’t even mention my RP in my post. But they all have their stories.
      Shiki was a holy paladin in life. She is forever atoning for the evil she has done since becoming a DK. At the same time she loves the death and pain she causes while knowing in the past she would have hated it. Basically she is all kinds of tortured.
      (My fan-fic writing self is behind that. XD)

      Raavynn isn’t as tortured. I haven’t quite got her past in focus yet. She was a warrior in her past though so she doesn’t have the conflict of a healer turned murderer. She is more a soldier then and now. Her sense of honor is very strong and she is dedicated to helping the Alliance – much more so than Shiki. :O

      Ryannde lived in Auberdine. She was a druid and now the world of nature rejects her because she is now an unnatural creature. She can’t go home again because her home is destroyed. Darnassus hurts her and she tends to want to avoid all her Night Elf kin. I’m not sure where her story will take her.

      Ashylynn enjoys being a Death Knight. She is such a delightfully evil gnome. XD
      (All my gnomes are so evil…I don’t know why. *innocent* )
      I love her.

      My poor Horde bank alt will not get a fun personality until she is more than a bank alt. Her unoriginal name beeeetraaaaaays her.


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.: Slash Played :.

Posty's contemplative take on all things World of Warcraft and Tech

Growing up in Azeroth

A Father/Daughter View of the World of Warcraft

Nik's Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don't mind if I do!

A World of Warcraft Pet Battle Blog


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