Taby Drinks From The Sunwell

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I have really enjoyed the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera. I love running around and tweeting little stories from my character’s perspective. This might annoy the poor folks who follow me on twitter. (I hope not!)

Last night I had fun hunting pets and transmog on my evil pally. I got a couple of pets for Raiding With leashes III. She can easily solo these raids at 94, so you don’t have to have 100s to do all the new things.

This is what Taby thought of the experience.

After that she went to bed in her tent with spikes because life is not fair.



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Blizzard Watch: Out of the Ashes

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As I mentioned last post, February 3rd was the end of everything that made Wow Insider good. However my DK up there is cheering her head off because it also marked the beginning of Blizzard Watch.

Blizzard Watch is the soul and heart of what was WoW Insider. Those writers you loved? They are still around – just in a new place.  They have created a new site and are free of corporate overlords. However, their success and livelihood does depend on community support. Blizzard Watch has a patreon account set up and they were fully funded in under six hours.

The good news doesn’t stop there. By now they have passed several more goals and that means class columns are a go. Hopefully we will get to see the return of writers who were let go last year. Beloved former columns or even new ones will be happening again.

The podcast is also a go. (We might even get more than one.) I listened to the first Blizzard Watch podcast live and it was awesome. They aren’t on itunes yet, but they will be.

The Queue is alive and well. (And very lively…lol)

Their new twitter account is: 

If you enjoy their work, please consider helping them out. Even a dollar a month will help keep the best community I have ever found on the internet alive. I’m not going to spam Blizzard Watch’s patreon link, but it is also on their front page.

I have to add that this post was much easier for me to write than the last one. I spent most of last week heartbroken and mourning. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it is true.

It hurts to see a site I loved go down, but I expect great things from Blizzard Watch. I think it will be even better than WI ever was. I am glad that my wish they would rise like a phoenix came true.

BW applecider phoenix

So in that vein, I dedicate this song to the entire Blizzwatch crew!



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WoW Insider

WI bye pic

So yesterday after a fun night of raiding and not really paying any attention to the internet all day I logged onto one of my favorite places, WoW Insider. The Queue had way more comments than usual so I peeked in to see who had been super controversial. Sadly, it wasn’t anything remotely fun like that. Instead it was the news that Joystiq was being closed by AOL and that very likely WoW Insider would be closing too.

(Edit: Now that closure is a certainty. Their last day will be Tuesday. AOL can go die in a fire as far as I’m concerned. )

This upsets me greatly. I was too sad to be remotely coherent last night so this post is going up today.

I first found WoW Insider in 2009 right about when I first started playing WoW. The leveling guides there really helped me learn what to do as a very newbie player. I remember looking at the talent guides in Lichborne and slowly learning to play my Death Knight.

I always liked the class columns. I even read the columns for Warlocks and Shadow Priests because I enjoyed the writers so much. I loved the interplay between Archmage Pants and Dominic Hobbs. I’ve always loved Matthew Rossi’s tales about warriors even though I don’t play one.

The Queue has been a favorite place to hang out for years. (I’m pretty sure the Queue and WoW Insider kept me sane when my job reached ultimate suckitude.)

There is a genuine wonderful community at WoW Insider that I haven’t found any place else. The people there come from every background and every walk of life and we can all get along (for the most part) because of our love for WoW. But more than that, people care about each other and it shows. There has been a lot of positivity and support over the years.

I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to all the writers and editors of WoW Insider past and present. I enjoyed getting to share your thoughts. Thank you fellow commenters. I have very much enjoyed interacting with you as well. I’m already following a lot of you on twitter. I’ll try and pick up some more of you too.

I’m going to end this with happy thoughts.

The WoW Insider Show is my favorite podcast. Y’all are funny. I hope you somehow keep it going even if the name has to change.

I loved the hell out of the live streamed parties from Blizzcon. I never got to go, but I felt like I was still involved in the fun. I also enjoyed the live tweets and updates from news events. I had to keep refreshing the page, but it was fun!

Every time one of my screenshots made it to Around Azeroth, it made my day. Silly as it was, that was one of my favorite columns.

I have a twitter account because of WoW Insider. I had to get one when the comment system shifted to it’s current hungry form. I don’t usually do social media, but I enjoy twitter a lot, so yay!

This blog also exists because of WoW Insider. I applied for a job with them back before the the dark days of layoffs. I obviously didn’t get the job, but it did inspire me to work harder at writing so I had some proof for the next time. This blog is where that writing sporadically goes. Who knows…maybe I will even get better one day.

I hope that somehow WoW Insider will live on. Pull a phoenix and rise out of those ashes into something new and better. No place on the internets deserves it more.


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Requiem For A Golden Dream

Evale 1

It’s been over a year since Garrosh Hellscream destroyed the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Over a year since the most beautiful protected part of Pandaria was forever changed. I am saddened knowing that despite our best efforts…we could not fix it.

The Vale remains corrupted. Planting a tree did not change that; something lovely has been lost forever.

I took these screenshots on the eve of patch 5.4. I wanted to remember the Vale as it had been. The changes there seem to be permanent and I don’t want it’s memory to be lost.

These were taken on my old computer. I could never run the graphics on high so the magic of the water was not accurately captured. Hopefully I managed to get the spirit of it though.

As we get ready to leave Pandaria for Draenor, I leave you with one of my favorite parts of Mists. This was the Golden Dream.

Evale 2

Evale 2a

Evale 3

Evale 3a

Evale 4

Evale 5

Evale 5a

Evale 6

Evale 6a

Evale 7

Evale 7a

Evale 8

Evale 8a

Evale 9

Evale 10

Evale 11

Evale 12

Evale 12a

The water had sparkles going across it, which you can sort of see with the last two shots.

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